Ways To Embellish And Design Your Teen’s Space

Posted: June 22, 2014 in Uncategorized


As your children start getting close to adulthood, their pastimes and needs start to change dramatically. They can quickly outgrow their bedrooms as new requirements need to be factored in and so you need to plan for this in plenty of time. It is also fair to say that some of the decisions will not be made entirely by you as teenagers have their own opinions and you may need to compromise so that everybody is happy. We will look at a few of the design and decorating selections for a teenager’s bedroom.

You want to make certain that the existing bedroom will be big enough when they become a teenager. It may be that you don’t have any additional options but if you are able to, a move to a bigger room or extending the current one could be required. The walls will need to be repainted using neutral colors which are going to give your teen options on how they want to decorate it. Many teens like to put up posters of their favorite pop stars or athletes. Added storage space will also need to be taken into consideration since they will be having a lot more clothes and "stuff" in their room.

As a teenager, your youngster will be spending more of their time in the bedroom. Because of this, you may want to incorporate some pieces of furniture, like a small couch or reclining chair. You may want to improve lighting and maybe add shelf space if your teen will be doing a lot of reading and writing in their room. Other items like window treatments may need to be removed and replaced with something more "grown-up."

As well as leisure, the bedroom increasingly becomes a place for studying and homework. A table is often a minimum requirement and with technology playing a growing role in school work, you will have to think about things such as internet access throughout the house. There is often a require for extra electrical sockets for computers or desk lamps as well as their own electrical gadgets. Your adolescent will want to use their bedroom as their little castle of solitude. Acquiring a bigger bed for your teen is an costly proposition but with planning, it can be done.

You want to manage your best to ensure that your teenager’s bedroom is a place that they can take it easy, study and be productive and a place that they can call their own.


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